Athlete Management

SDSA creates opportunities for our athletes to maximize their possibilities.


We have a broad network in both Japan and the U.S. that we can utilize to benefit our athletes, and to provide opportunities such as team and/or league information, and local tryout information, etc.


We help our athletes to overcome the barriers that they may face in new environments so that they can concentrate on playing their sports and showcasing their skills and abilities.

In Southern California, we have a successful martial arts program, baseball program, kids golf programs, etc. Having a great relationship with each athlete is our first priority, and we provide them with opportunities to pursue their dreams in the U.S.


Message for Athletes Considering Playing in Japan

If you are an outstanding athlete and are looking for an opportunity to play your sport in Japan, SDSA can support you in finding the best environment for you.


SDSA creates opportunities for our athletes to pursue their dreams in Japan.

As your agent, SDSA can:

  • market your athletic skills
  • develop a strategy for your athletic career
  • negotiate with teams about your contract 


Playing your sport in another country can benefit your athletic career.

There will be differences in playing styles, team organization, culture and languages, etc.

SDSA provides substantial support to our athletes to help them to adjust to their new environments, such as through providing language lessons and information on how to best demonstrate their athletic performance on the team. 


If you are looking for an opportunity in Japan, we can set up a meeting with you and create a scouting report to show your talent to teams in Japan.

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SDSA Athletes

Yusuke Inoue
Yusuke Inoue

Yusuke Inoue 

DOB: 09/05/1986  Height: 6’0”  Weight:187lbs


Fastball (92MPH), Slider, Cutter, 2seam, Splitter

Career: Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (NPB, Japan Big League Team) 4 seasons


Chiba Keidai HS – Aoyama Gakuin Univ. 

Drafted in 2009 by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (4th round) 


Kohei Tsukada
Kohei Tsukada

Kohei Tsukada

RHP (91mph; Fastball, Slider, 2seam )

DOB: 1989/8/24 (24 years old)

6’4” 196lbs

Waseda University (Japan) –

Hiroshima Carp (Japan Big League) 2011 Ikusei (training) player draft 4th round

2013 Playing in Japan Independent League (rental contract)

Kochi Fighting Dogs (Shikoku Island League plus)

18 Games, 25 Innings, 14K, ERA 7.56

Eri Yoshida

Female Knuckle Ball Pitcher 


Professional Career;

2013: NaKoa Ikaika Maui (Pacific League), Ishikawa MillionStarts (Japan, BC League)

2012: NaKoa Ikaika Maui (North American League)

2011: Chico Outlaws (North American League), NaKoa Ikaika Maui (North American League)

2010: Chico Outlaws (Golden Baseball League)




Article by ESPN

Eri Yoshida, the "Knuckle Princess" trying to flutter way to majors



Dillon Mulholland
Dillon Mulholland

Dillon Mulholland

DOB: 07/03/1992 (22 years old, born in San Diego, California)

LHP,  6’1" 180lbs

Pitches: 4seam fast ball (84mph) 2seam fast ball (81mph)

Knuckle-Curve (73mph), Cutter (77mph), change-up, Knuckle

Ball (73mph)