SDSA creates pre-academic athletic opportunities for international students.

In 2016, SDSA has supported lots of international students who are newly attending colleges and other higher educational institutions by providing with pre-academic athletic opportunities. Those students, mainly coming from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, have attended SDSA's special programs which have been created by SDSA and college institutions in California; San Diego Mesa College, Merced College, etc. Those international students attended athletic-related activities as their pre-academic experience and getting prepared for their college athletic experiences.

SDSA's pre-academic programs are in Baseball, Soccer, Athletic Trainers, Wrestling, Basketball, sports management, sports coaching, etc.



Japan League Tryout 2016

Players got offered by 2017 Japanese Teams;

SDSA Junior Baseball Academy!!

SDSA is starting a new baseball academy in California; Torrance, Irvine and San Diego.



Japan League Tryout

Players got offered Playing Contract for season 2016 by Japanese Teams;


Since 2012, total of 44 players got offered by the Japan League teams thorough SDSA Japan League Tryouts. 


Japanese Industrial League: Japanese major corporations own teams; TOSHIBA, Toyota, Honda, Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc.

Japanese Indie League: There are two Indie Leagues in Japan, including "BC League". 

(go to Japanese Baseball League Structure page for details)

Japan League Tryout Alumni Players

2015 season in Japanese Industrial League

Josh Romanski

NY Yankees, 3A

Univ of San Diego

Joshua Corrales

Seattle Mariners, 2A

Cal State Dominguez Hills 

Kyle Tokunaga

Univ of Texas Pan American

2015 season in Japanese Indie League

Wesley Edwards

Gateway Grizzlies (Indie)

Winston-Salem State Univ

Joshua Lavender

East Central Univ

Cruz Ayala

El Salvador

Jack Daru

Vanguard Univ

Tomo Delp

Univ of Maryland

Edward Brandsema

Univ of Montevallo