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SAMURAI San Diego Update...

SAMURAI post game
SAMURAI post game

With only 3 games left in the season, the SAMURAI are looking to finish strong. So far this season, the SAMURAI's record is 12-4-1, the tie being the result of an extra innings game that ran out of light. In the last eight games the SAMURAI have won six and lost two, in this span they've scored 72 runs, and given up 30. This is the result of good defense, strong/clutch offense (most runs being scored with two outs), and a solid pitching staff. As the season goes on, the team continues to build strength and momentum offensively, and the pitching is giving up fewer extra base hits and walks, which ultimately means lower runs scored against. A lot of the pitchers success is due to the return of pitching coach and former Japanese Big League pitcher, Yoshihiro Doi. Who's been working with the staff on any mechanical, and mental questions they have when taking the mound. Since Coach Yoshihiro has taken over the pitching rotation, the SAMURAI have continued to improve in all aspects of the game. To see more SAMURAI news, please check out our website at

SAMURAI Pitching Coach Yoshihiro Doi
SAMURAI Pitching Coach Yoshihiro Doi

Players Interview -Challenging in Japan-

Danny Fernando Ayala
Danny Fernando Ayala

Danny Fernando Cruz Ayala

Tokushima Indigo Socks, Shikoku Island League plus (JAPAN)


RHP, 6'0", 195lbs


Attended Californai Tryout, 2013 fall


Season 2014: Tokushima Indigo Socks, Shikoku Island League plus 

8games, 5W-1L, 58.1 innings, 40K, ERA: 1.39 (League top)

(as of 6/11/14)


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Zak Colby
Zak Colby

Zak Colby

Ehime Mandarine Pirates, Shikoku Island League plus (JAPAN)

Infielder, 5'10", 200lbs

Faulkner University- Joliet Slammers (Frontier League)


Attended Shikoku WinterLeague 2013 fall


Season 2014: Ehime Mandarine Pirates, Shikoku Island League plus 

26games, AVG.351, AB:94, 33hits, 2HR, 20RBI

(as of 6/3/14)


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Adrian DeMar
Adrian DeMar

Adrian DeMar

Kagawa Olive Guyners, Shikoku Island League plus (JAPAN)


RHP, 6'3", 190lbs

American Association, Shimpson University


Attended California Tryout 2013 fall


Season 2014: Kagawa Olive Guyners, Shikoku Island League plus 

17games, 2W-0L, 19.1innings, 20Hits, 23K, 7BB, ERA: 3.72

(as of 5/28/14)


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Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce

Michael Joyce joined Shinano Grandserows! (06/04/14)

(attended San Diego Tryout, January in 2014)


Shinano Grandserows, BC League (a Japanese Independent Baseball League) annouced that they signed LHP, Michael Joyce.

Joyce pitched in American Association in 2013, and attended San Diego Tryout, January in 2014. 

Shinano Grandserows has a former Padre relief pitcher, Mr. Aki Otsuka as the head coach. 


San Diego Tryout 2014 -for playing in Japan-

A Japanese independent professional baseball league “Shikoku Island League plus” and San Diego Sports Authority held a tryout in San Diego, January 2014.


Players got offered by Japanese Pro Ball organizations and affiliated summer league teams;


  • Hinshaw, Jordan
  • Inoue, Yusuke
  • Jones, Blaine
  • Joyce, Michael
  • McClendon, Tony R.
  • Mulholland, Dillon
  • Reinking, Kevin
  • Tsukada, Kohei
  • White, Devin Marcus
  • Yoo, Stephen


Shikoku Island League plus (Japanese Independent Baseball League)

Since 2005   Teams:  4 

Season:  April - September

Regular Season Games:

80 games total per a team and potential playoff games.

Inter League Games:

Games Series with Japan Big League affiliated teams. 



Shikoku Island League plus and collegiate summer league baseball clubs, San Diego Mavericks and SAMURAI San Diego announced on their partnership.  (02/28/2014)

California Tryout 2013 -for Japan Pro League-

  • Japan Shikoku Winter League 2013
  • California Tryout 2013, Fresno

Players drafted Japanese Professional Teams

Players got drafted by Japanese Pro Ball teams


  • Colby, Zak (Ehime Mandarin Pirates)
  • Cruz Ayala, Danny Fernando (Tokushima Indigo Socks)
  • DeMar, Adrian Jerome (Kagawa Olive Guyners)
  • Goodgion, Luke (Shinano Grandserows)
  • Marks, Troy (Kochi Fighting Dogs)
  • Murphy, Brian (Shinano Grandserows)
  • Nading, Charles (Ishikawa Million Starts)
  • Sunderland, Alex (Kagawa Olive Guyners)
  • Wilhite, Mitchell (Ehime Mandarin Pirates)
  • Wilson, Joe (Tokushima Indigo Socks)
Collegiate Summer League Team Invitation
  • Riley, Nick (SAMURAI San Diego)